Verona VFW Post 6811 History
The following was taken from the Golden Anniversary commemorative book that was compilied to celebrate the post's 50 year anniversary.

Our History

In the early winter of 1946 a group of Verona boys, who had just returned from the war that they so boldly advanced to victory, met in the old Verona high school. Most of this group was comprised of those who had attended school there and it seemed that these men were just school boys such a short time before. They wanted to continue the comradeship, to which they became accustomed, during the war. It was decided among them to form a Post of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and called it by its present name.

On April 28, 1946, the first installation of Verona Post No. 6811 was held at Verona High School, James Dam as Commander and Michael Hugunine, the M.C. After meetings in the school, the Post held a meeting in the late comrade Irving Hugunine’s garage on April 24, 1947 and there after.

The year 1948 brought a lot of activity. Baseball was played. The new Post colors were used on Memorial day. On January 24, 1949 the Ladies Auxiliary was formed. The Verona Overseas Memorial Association Inc. became a reality on February 16, 1950.

In 1951 the Post was active in sports and a donkey basketball game was held. The following years included Memorial Day parades, raffles and banquets. The V.F.W. 10th anniversary was celebrated at Richard’s ranch. In that year a number of social gatherings as dances and suppers were also held.

In 1958 a new 50 star flag was obtained as well as a refrigerator by the Verona Post. The next few years saw more or less the same activity such as banquets, poker games and a Christmas Crib display in the village.

In 1960 our first clambake was held at John Winterton’s and they were to continue. Most of us can recall the great times we had a few years later at Comrade Mike’s camp at Salmon Reservoir.

1968 saw us welcoming Vietnam veterans to the Post. In 1969 the Post built the flagpole in Verona Cemetery and dedicated it on November 11.

In 1970 a committee was formed to try to find a lot in Verona for the Post Home.

The Post is forever grateful for the generosity of Mr. and the late Mrs. Winfield Dodge who donated, in the fall of 1970, a 200’ x 300’ lot on Spring Road where the building now stands.

On April of 1971 we celebrated our 25th Anniversary at the Verona Fire House with John Winterton retracing 25 years of activity. A building committee was activated with Nelson Dodge, chairman. The building was finance partly though funds raised at the can smashing concessions at the Fireman’s Field Days but mostly though individual contributions of time, money and materials.

The year 1972 saw a lot of activity on the building Concrete was poured on July 4th and by September a beer blast was held in the structure.

In 1973 construction continued, a bar was installed, windows put in place, pancake breakfasts were held and another beer blast.

In October 1974 a County Council Meeting was held with Dept. of N.Y. Commander Wolfgang Nauke in attendance.

1975 saw the post flagpole erected. A firing squad with new rifles was formed. The new tile floor was put in just in time for our Christmas Party.

In the early part of 1976 a contribution of $100.00 was made toward the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Rome.

From 1976 to the present, our Post Home has been completed on the inside. We have held Friday Night fish-fries, pancake breakfasts, Election Day dinners as well as our annual Membership Dinners.

In 1993 we moved our bar downstairs and in January 1994 decided to apply for our A.B.C. license. In April 1994 we received our license and soon afterwards opened our bar. In May 1994 we applied for our Bell-Jar license, which was received in January 1995. Also, in 1995, we improved our driveway and parking area.

In 1996 we gave two “Dollars for Scholars” scholarships to the VVS School District for $500.00 each. This year we are soliciting fund for a monument for our Korean & Vietnam Veterans. It will be placed beside the World War I and World War II Veterans Monument in the Verona Park in Verona.

Throughout our 50 years we have performed a number of community services. Memorial Day sees a lot of activity with a parade that always draws a crowd. All the graves of deceased Veterans in the town are decorated. We also parade at other times like at Firemen’s Field Days and Loyalty Day. We also assist in military funerals.

What you see here has been accomplished through the hard work and determination of the men and women of this organization, with no obligations or debts incurred. It is certainly an example for others to follow.